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About Drug Test Systems

Abatek Medical, LLC was founded in 2001 as a supplier of laboratory diagnostics to physician offices and clinics. On-site drug testing kits represented a small part of the Company’s initial product offering. During 2002, the Company modified its business model and marketing plans to focus solely on the sale of drug and alcohol testing supplies. It was at this point that the Company adopted the trade name of Drug Test Systems.

The Company offers only high quality, cost effective, drug and alcohol testing devices and services. Major manufacturers: Drug Detection Devices, Ltd, Branan Medical, Express Diagnostics International, Noble Medical, Syntron, and Lifeloc Technologies.

The principal and founder, Robert J. Witkop, has over 30 years of experience as a senior sales and marketing manager in the laboratory diagnostics and medical supply industries. Mr. Witkop has worked for such national firms as Scientific Products, Division of American Hospital Supply Corporation, Cardinal Health, and United States Surgical Corporation. Mr. Witkop holds four drug and alcohol testing industry certifications: Certified Third Party Administrator (“C/TPA”), Collector / Trainer (“C/T”), Master Breath Alcohol Technician Instructor (“MBATI”). The industry designations provide Mr. Witkop with the ability to serve as a consultant and trainer in all areas of drug and alcohol testing to include the Department of Transportation (D.O.T).

Julie Murphy Horner, Director of Marketing, has an extensive business background having founded and managed her own marketing, consulting, and web development firm. She is experienced in web site design and development, web site optimization, as well as creating and implementing online promotional campaigns. Prior to running her own business, Julie was employed as an applications engineer for the AMP division of Tyco International. Julie also has extensive experience in offline marketing. She has been responsible for layout and design of product catalogs and other marketing materials, maintained client databases, and developed and implemented technical presentations for field sales forces.

Drug Test Systems provides complimentary on-site drug test training and certification for all large volume customers. The Company has developed a remote correspondence training course for all new test technicians. The training course includes the following modules: product specific training videos, background reading, proper collection technique, adulteration testing, glossary of terms, and a quiz. The Company provides a formal training certificate for those test technicians that successfully complete the training course.

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